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Sports Injury Massage

Massage can be described as the mobilisation of soft tissue which increases blood flow, this increased blood flow helps to produce a healing effect in the targeted tissues. There is a wide variety of people and conditions that may benefit from therapeutic massage from the elite athlete pushing themselves to the max during training or competition to the sedentary worker sitting for prolonged periods perhaps doing repetitive tasks. Likewise massage has known benefits in dealing with recent injury or insult to the body but also assists in the management of long term problems or recurrent injury.

Our physiotherapists will often use massage within a treatment session but recognise the benefits as a “stand alone” treatment where the positive effects on both mind and body allow relaxation and reduced tension. During a massage session our clinicians will be able to identify particular problem/ tension areas and advise accordingly perhaps giving advice on posture or prescribing appropriate exercise to help maintain length in short, tight muscles.

If you are unsure as to whether massage will be of benefit to you then please contact The Health Rooms and a member of our team will be very happy to offer further information and advice.

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